Office State Visit Tour -- Philadelphia, 5/11/13

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That was a blast. Todd was in great form. As silly as this will sound, it's inspirational to see 60-something-year-old Todd Rundgren dancing and bopping around on stage like he's still a kid. There were a number of technical issues throughout the show: a glitchy microphone, music programs crashing, and the inability to make Foamy produce any sound, but the band was having fun despite the issues. Jesse was incredible in his ability to jump in and play Todd's guitar parts when Foamy had quit. Todd laughed his way through the issues. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to see this show and will add to the "well, I've never seen him do quite that before, and maybe never will again" list of Todd performances. You know, here's a guy who could lay back and do the annual greatest hits tour, milking his old material a la James Taylor, etc., but instead he's still pushing himself and still inventing ways of creating new music. All hail Todd for continuing to plow forward. A packed Trocodero Theater thanked him with a huge response last night. Don't miss this tour and show up ready to move around and have fun.

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5/11/2013 - Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA

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