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DJ ODD ROCKS OUT @ the troc in Philly,thanks again.Todd has fun with this new show,very high energy, and it is contagious .The energy and spirit he brings to his performances are always amazing ,and surprising too.This show has a fun vibe, dance party feel,with Todd running the floor.Lights are a strong effect,deep base notes pounding your feet and chest will force your body to move.I hope the pay per view plays well,but I have seen the show on you tube, and I was blown away seeing the show live.If I had a choice,I would not need to hear Todd cover songs,he has so many better to pick from ,always a great cover version still.Go see this new show ,go enjoy a jumpin, fun night with DJ ODD, PRAIRIE AND JESSE.There were a few small "glitches",watching Todd laugh and play thru anything and is always an amusing sidelight at his shows.Todd " sets the technical bar" very high on this show,there are bound to be some misses.He also brings his A game, stage presence,highest energy level for his new album of material,STATE = GO....ENJOY...... HAVE FUN WITH DJ ODD.I doubt Todd will have a light show at the Phila. folk fest when he visits this year.

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5/11/2013 - Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA

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