5/11/13 Philly review

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I really like the State album & looked forward to hearing it live. But, I guess when you see somebody 80+ times over 40+ years, every show isn't what you hope it to be. Such was the case last nite @ the Troc in Philly. The sound quality was disastrous & ruined what could've been a great show.

Apparently, a couple i-pads were designed to supply about 80% of the total sound, a classic case of the tail wagging the dog.

We got thru Imagination kinda ok, but quickly realized that those of us who didn't bring protective goggles were in trouble with the hi-tech lites. It was like a glaucoma test where they shine the light right thru your eyeball, but at least then, you know when it's coming. The bright side (no pun intended) is that my wife can now cancel her cataract laser surgery next week.

The only mike was one of those Sinatra/Acapella models, but had a loose connection & cutout throughout the show, Even when it worked, the vocals were distorted, trying to compete w/ the piped in stuff.

Foamy was in the house, but never heard from the entire show!!! Jesse tried his best to compensate, but he couldn't be heard all nite & didn't even have a mike.

Early on, when Todd strapped on Foamy for Secret Society, it was dead, so he put it back down. So there Foamy sat for an hour, although, @ 1 point, fell off it stand & was put back on it in the only roadie gesture in a nite begging for an old ponytail dude who can handle guitar & mike issues, then 2 on-site Applecare techs to handle the other ton of problems.

He only picked it up again for Worldwide Ephiphany, but it was, of course still dead, so he put it back down again.

The sight of Todd, frantically flipping switches, while he was supposed to be singing, was baffling.

Even when everything worked @ the same time, it was a distorted, muddy mess of great songs.

Hopefully, tonite's PPV event goes way better w/o a hitch, er glitch.

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5/11/2013 - Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA

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