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It has taken me a week to digest and assimilate all that I saw and heard at the first three show of Todd's STATE tour, 2013. Let me say right away -- I love this tour. It is so fun. The dance/techno grooves that TR lays down are beautiful and lush. The lyrics are multi-dimensional and amusing.

Angry Bird in concert is much angrier than the CD. It really evokes the spirit of the republican party and their attack on women's rights. In concert, it felt so intense and overpowering, it gave me the shivers. I guess I am an angry bird.

Some surprise treats performed came from the (Re)Production CD. Those performed (Personality Crisis, Prime Time, Nothing to Lose) were delightful surprises and Todd's take on these songs that he has produced, is danceable and hot. I really thought I could burst from happiness as I 'tranced' out to the dance beat of Todd's productions of these songs. Todd is expressi ve with his singing and will really enjoy himself when the equipment glitches get worked out. All the songs performed from (Re)Production are on my list for favorite song from the show (besides all the other songs).

It is true TR doesn't play guitar throughout the show. This disappointed a few fans. But the upside is that TR is able to enjoy himself while performing as opposed to being absolutely caught up in the simultaneous activity of performing, connecting with the audience, singing, dancing and playing guitar. Most fans have never achieved the level of artistic success and expression as our hero. It is surprising to hear these same underachievers criticizing the creative vision of someone who has consistently performed his hits at every show for 25 years. And you can't chill out and suspend your opinions and give something a chance? And I am sure that if you actually spent time with the music, you will come to love it, as most people have over the years that have followed Todd on his musical journey. And for those people in the crowd who only know him for Hello It's me, I saw the light; it is great that you are coming out to see the TR. It's too bad that you hadn't done your homework to find out what the tour is about, there is enough info out there to prepare people for a different kind of show. But please, be polite and not share your opinions with us all. Most of the crowd had an open mind and enjoyed the show. But a few bad apples can really bring the room down. So if anyone reading this is going to a show, please try to listen and enjoy before forming opinions on the event. If nothing else, the light show is super cool and very special all by itself.

I never enjoyed the piano shows he used to do because he was all hidden behind piano. At other shows, sometimes the loud guitars get too intense. Do I make a scene and talk throughout the concert? Of course not. I have some manners and respect for the other people at the show actually enjoying themselves. And while his guitar work is above reproach, it does keep him very busy while performing. With this music he is much more relaxed and smooth.

If we could all just relax, listen to the music, let it move your feet. Listen a few times; this music gets better every time I listen. And it is so smooth and silky. Very different from the raging guitars of the past few years. This music is lush, layered and beautifully complex. Some of his best IMHO. Personally, I welcome this musical interlude and hope it lasts for a while. And the shows I attended? I want to be there every night. (of course I'm not but I wish I were)

As he has always done, Todd is pushing the boundaries of his musical exploration, and bringing us along for a fantastic journey. Hang on Folks, keep listening. This music is just what we needed. And please -- dance to this eminently danceable music.

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