Infinity Hall

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I waited a week to write this review so as to give myself some time to calm down. I've been a Todd fan since 1980 and have gone to well over 60 shows. I love going to Todd Rundgren concerts. To me it doesn't matter what kind of music he plays I want to see him perform. I went into this performance blind. I didn't read the reviews or the setlists (I don't think any were posted). I knew from a Todd interview to expect lights and lots of dancing. I thought and hoped that he would open with Imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed that number. But after that I must admit I was somewhat disappointed and it has nothing to do with the music. My biggest disappointment was that he play for only an hour and 1/2. I drove well over two hours with two of my brothers and we all paid close to 80 bucks to see a 90 minute show. Now, I know Todd doesn't set the price, but 90 minutes? That's weak, IMHO. There's no reason he couldn't have added another 30 minutes. Also, he didn't play the guitar except for the first song. During the NWO tour he jammed on Secret Society, why not this time? He was just pushing buttons. And lastly, I wasn't thrilled with the encore. Maybe if I got two hours worth of music it wouldn't have been so bad. But the Donna Summer ending... I wish I had the chance to watch the PPV first. I would've saved 60 bucks and 7 hours of my time. I will be going to future Todd shows, but only if I get my money's worth.

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5/08/2013 - Infinity Hall - Norfolk, CT

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