Todd & Metropole @ Amsterdam 11/11/12

Review by Tony van der Gaag (Switch to

well what can i say...

Last years Amsterdam concert was good, the Groningen concert the following day was even better, but yesterday's concert was...... really out of this world... i am lost for words, this was an event that really makes you thankfull to be alive right here, right now!! UNBELIEVABLE good performance by Todd, The Metropole Orchestra and Mathilde Santing and her singers.... It should really be a serious crime against all of Todd's fans worldwide and our planet in general if this performance should not be released in full on cd!!

As i already said... i am lost for words maybe you understand why when you click on this link below

Yesterday's gig starts around the 35 minutemark..... the link is the complete 5 hour radioprogram as it was broadcasted live yesterday evening on dutch nationwide Radio 6.

All i can say is.... ENJOY!!

Best regards, Tony/Rotterdam

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11/11/2012 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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