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His music is audibly rooted in the seventies: bombastic, circumstantial and 'progressive' in its melodies and harmonies.

All the more reason why to couple Todd Rundgren to the Metropole Orchestra for daring orchestral versions of well known songs and new material. The combination Rundgren-Metropole was tried last year already, but was much more well-balanced this time. Todd first made his appearance as a circus director on the balconies, before commanding the orchestra, at first guitar-less, devoting himself to his complex vocal parts. But this did not stop him to just walk around with his microphone during 'Hello It's Me' and sing his lyrics to the highest balconies. During the world premiere of the absurdist 'Frogs' his backing vocalists took care of the frog choir. The frog major in front was the happy Mathilde Santing, who could return the favour of having added so many Rundgren songs on her repertoire in the course of time.

After a vocal tour de force in the symphonic 'Wailing Wall', it was time for some lighter songs: 'Can We Still Be Friends' and a frivolous 'We Got To Get You A Woman'. To hear Rundgren's music in such beautiful arrangements was a privilege that was shared in an all-out effort from the orchestra with all the Radio 6 listeners.

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