Amsterdam / Paradiso / November 11, 2012

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Amsterdam / Paradiso / November 11, 2012

concert Todd Rundgren, Mathilde Santing & Metropole Orchestra


Today it must be a pleasant homecoming for Todd Rundgren in Hawaii. Back from The Netherlands where he again showed the music scene his almost brilliant musical arts. And not only he, but also Mathilde Santing and her two backing vocalists. They together and the ever more impressive Metropole Orchestra for the second time in Amsterdam have proven that quality music only is unique and enjoyable, after a stream of water went through the river.


Todd was in a good mood, had a sharp voice and still is a great professional. He created his musical world. The audience in Paradiso was mainly so called 'older younger', who wished to that vinyl records will return: silent ballads, pleasant rock, circus-like musical and pleasant storylines and an orchestra that Todd covered with a sea of pleasure. The concert contained a large part of the songs in the concerts from 2011, which already were so overwhelming. Supplemented and mixed with extra tracks from his grand ouvre. This still is and will remain difficult to choose! After approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes it was over. The man of State!


Again I am amazed I experience this in 2012. And that for a tidy price. While these artists are worth so much higher in value!! Thanks to the musicians, the promoters of Radio 6 (Marja Quak and Co de Kloet) and the owners of Paradiso for their courage and efforts in this unique event.

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11/11/2012 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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