Paradiso 11-11-2012

Review by J. Jakobi (Switch to

Leaflet about an Exhibition where Todd opened the event on November 10 with a ritual act on Berts guitar.

Been to the show yesterday in Amsterdam Paradiso
Sold out
Excellent show

You got a warchild coming (megaphone)
Hello it's me
Pretending to care
World premiere of Froggs (2x)
Flamingo (TR on guitar)
Change myself
Love science
I have to be aline
Love in disguise
Second wind
Can we still be friends
Wailing wall
Fascist Christ
I saw the light
Fade away
Bag lady
We gotta get you a woman
These are the titles I can remember

Dutch singer Mathilde Santing with two master students of her

Metropole Orchestra

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11/11/2012 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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