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A big party, this concert. I must admit I had a little fear that the crystal clear voice of Mathilde could be a painful contrast for Todd and his fans. But nothing was further from the truth: Todd had a reasonably good voice.

A first glimpse we got when he and Mathilde at Kunststof TV sang a duet. This proved to be an appropriate warming up for the evening concert. The many foreign loyal fans have not traveled far for nothing.

We had a lot of surprises at the Paradiso venue. The grand opening (Mary and the Holy Ghost) with a playful act: Todd yelling/singing from the balcony with a megaphone. And an orchestra that played this synthetic track with heavenly symphonic sounds. Another life and Second wind showed what the orchestra and their arranger Tom Trapp can do is sheer magic. The instrumental Flamingo is just as impressive as last year and Todd played a little guitar. The smallest flaw is therefore called: he occasionally played guitar and concentrates on singing, text and entertainment. The Kurt Weil cabaret-like "Frogs" ensures the famous Todd Rundgren humor. He even sings it twice because he found the first performance not satisfying.

The backing vocals are tastefully and make "an evening with Runt" more joyful and effectiveness. After all, Todd is a master arranger when it comes to backing vocals. The duet Love in disguise hits you like a train. After Mathilde's first solo the audience is extremely enthusiastic. The swinging Love science causes a party mood.

Restrained moments are Wailing wall, Pretending to care, Fade away and the moving Bag lady. Again Todd shows he is still there, despite his very varying quality of work of the past 15 years.

Thanks Co de Kloet for initiating this happening. And Tom Trapp for the arrangements!

By the way 1

We had a great pre party the night before with lots of international fans.

By the way 2

And a few hours before the concert and Todd Mathilde performed at a TV program called Kunststof TV See

By the way 3

The day for the concert he played two songs at Mijke's Middag, a radio program. See

and for the whole show (audio only)

By the way 4

Compared with last year's concert there was a rather huge pile of reviews in the Dutch media. And all positive!

By the way 5

The engineers of Radio Co live! did a great job. The sound is great with lots of details.

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11/11/2012 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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