Amsterdam, with Metropole Orchestra

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Well I'd like to add to the positivity beaming from the gig last week at the Paradiso. What a show. Todd was perfect and fully justified his god like status. His voice was absolutely sensational and blended in with the Orchestra perfectly, a memory I will never forget. Thanks Todd.

The highlights for me were Another Life, Second Wind, Bag Lady and Fade Away, however a couple of tracks that have stuck there in my head since have been Hello It's Me (the audience choir in fine voice) and Fascist Christ (what a riff!!!!)

The party I was with from Aberdeen in Scotland (who I'd like to thank for being able to share this extraordinary experience with me) had the added pleasure of hearing "Love Science" blasting from the open doors at the Paradiso a few hours before the concert. This just hit home to us how good a night it was going to be. We couldn't wait, and we were in no way disappointed.

Thanks again Todd, keep on giving us this wonderful gift.

Eliot Aitken, Aberdeen (Scotland)

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11/11/2012 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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