Review of Nov 1 Show at Cerritos

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A very enchanting evening to say the least. Ethyl has gotten tighter and more confident since I last enjoyed them about 6 years ago. A beautiful venue but a Disappointingly small crowd... but everyone was totally into the show. Brilliant string arrangements of tunes from "Wizard", "Liars" and "S/A" (with Flamingo instrumental being a special treat indeed). A slice of Analog Synth during an Ethyl piece was a tantalizing bit of 70's electronica that brought back memories of new sounds from the past.

TR's voice was strong only surpassed by his positive attitude and joyful presence. Yes, a fun night with Todd at the piano (strong), acoustic and electric guitar and a "Bang the Drum" rendition on the ukulele. A couple of more songs would have been nice... but as they say in "The Biz"... "Keep'm wanting more". Have fun at a Davis everyone!!!

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11/01/2012 - Los Cerritos PAC - Cerritos, CA

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