Gainesville FL with ETHEL

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Have seen Todd many times...rarely has he been so relaxed..he swatted away a couple of simple glitches as see,ed that associating himself with the fresh blood of the exquisite quartet ETHEL propelled him to some deeply emotional performances of Love of the Common Man and I Stood Up, as well as a haunting Compassion...overall the sound was excellent and Todd reveled in the center stage position surrounded by swirling string arrangements...I think he was digging the cellist!...righteous show!

Deep thanks,Todd, for your decision to tour with ETHEL...exceptional show of the many seen...Compassion hit home for me in primal ways...I needed that...Stoodup was mind-boggling with that quartet contorting the air around you...sincere thanks! Martin Roberts

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10/17/2012 - University of Florida - Gainesville, FL

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