Todd & Ethel at Gainesville Florida State University

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Set list (as far as I can remember)
Set-1 (ETHEL only)  4 maybe 5 songs

2 song from early Seventies Era of Chamber Music - by -Judd Greenstien or -and - Lou Harrison 1972 "Spiegel imSpiegel" - (ballad- Arvo Part 1978 ) this was breathtaking - all I could imagine was my mom's life set to this music -rest peacefully Mom ! "Watermelon" by Herbie Hancock Synth Quartet - very prog -Rock - EXCELLENT !!

Set-2 (Todd Rundgren -solo- Piano, 6 String Acoustic, Uekalle Love Of The Common Man Cliche I Don't Want To Tie You Down Lysistrata Viking Song(piano) Compassion(piano) Bang On The Drum/Euk

Set -3 (Todd and ETHEL -together) Flamingo - Zen Archer Stood Up Lord Chancellors Nightmare Courage Mercenary ???? (Im not sure which song off Arena-) Soul Brother Black Maria Pretending To Care Patches

Meet and Greet - Question and Answer -1hour

Comments :The sound is brilliant and smooth combined with the Quartet . It is a territory Todd navigates well through. The organic textures and layered string ensemble creates the original intended recordings effect. It is as if you are hearing the combined flavor of the songs . I would use the analogies from the movie Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory when Gene Wilder give the young girl the gum and makes her promise not to describe what she is tasting (but she does any way). Ethel being the gum that is emitting the multi - flavored illusion of the real thing . TODD is the driving force of the entire performance as usual. His vocals were PERFECT all night. The Lyrics, the guitar chords and piano chords - everything was fantastic. When he played with ETHEL he was surfing in and out waves of sound. It really seems like TODD is unbound by a fan pleasing agenda and doing something HE really feels compelled to do from an artistic perspective verses a business perspective - THIS IS ART in full fledged operation !! Dont get me wrong , I love to see Todd do all the other stuff too.

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10/17/2012 - University of Florida - Gainesville, FL

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