10-13-12 Cleveland Agora

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So.....only eight hours from home base so - I figure what the heck. Didn't want to attend the Ringo shows because I think they only gave Todd 3 songs. And not a big fan of Ethel (though I did see them open for Todd and Joe Jackson back in 2005). So actually bought two nights worth of tickets but couldn't get on the road until late Friday. Well the kiddies (now the teens: 18 and 15 ) and I packed up the van like gypsies and make the run to Cleveland. Last time at 'this' particular Agora was back in 1995 for the Star Guitar night. The place is a bit run down but the flavor was older classic seating. Sitting front row balcony proved a nice vantage point. Not quite what I expected... but since have learned that the format pretty much changes on every tour. Ironic that my daughter was saying how she didn't like country music the previous night! And here is Todd pulling off two country songs from Lorne Greene... yep the Bonanza Man! And one blues song from Clarence Carter. My daughter leaned back on my shoulder at these points... but I happened to get a kick out of them. I counted around 18 songs plus and was fairly happy with the selection. Great numbers from the past such as Cliché, Lysistrata, I don't want to tie you down, and my son's favorite: Black and White. Seems like many of the songs from the covered (Patches and Endless Prairie) to a few of his, contained lyrics dealing with son's inclinations and responsibilities. I was beaming when my son thanked me for the show and stated that even though he didn't recognize a few numbers he still enjoyed it. In the Past (pun intended)... I had dragged both of these kids to as many shows that I could, even from the time they were riding my shoulders. And even more ironic we run into our old friend and past baby sitter Robin (we used to live in the area). So even though there were gremlins in the sound... I enjoyed the format, the new orange Yamaha guitar, and everyone's performance. Jessie is the consummate guitarist... he mimicked Todd's vocal's impressively on Born to Synthesize, and almost broke out into Jeff Beck's Freeway Jam there for just a moment. Kazim was fairly quiet the entire night and the drummer could have been a bit stronger (he was harvested from the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, and we are all pretty spoiled with Prairie's power, but I liked him none the less). So even though it wasn't his greatest performance and was a bit lacking in voracious energy... I'm not going to cry 96Tears about seeing Todd here ever. I'm glad I made the trip and would do it again... now all I can do is wait for the next tour in 2013 and perhaps a 65th birthday gig. Thanks, as always Todd.

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10/13/2012 - Agora - Cleveland, OH

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