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Todd is an artist. He can make albums that suite his vision. I get that. I am a fan. Though I find something to enjoy in every album, I know I can like or dislike what he offers. So when it comes to albums, I get it. On the other hand, most people go to performances to see entertainers -- not artists. The title of the latest tour is "Unpredictable," so I am not complaining, but it's more of an observation. I would have been more entertained had there been a better song selection. I get the Loren Greene thing. Todd is anti-gun. He even has a song entitled "Gun" where he spells that out. I even recognize the irony that Loren Greene, who made his fame as a gun-toting Dad in a western TV show called _Bonanza_, had the fortitude to record a song that called for guns to be buried out of existence. I can even put aside that like William Shatner, TV stars should probably stick to acting. Todd was making a point. The problem is that I was not entertained. On the other hand, I very much enjoyed "Black and White," "Cliche," and "Love of the Common Man" yet _Faithful_ is not my favorite Todd album. "There Goes My Inspiration" and all of the songs on piano were enjoyable as well. I am just not a fan of the covers he did. Though Todd and I disagree politically, I don't mind his ranting. I am there for the music, and when music is being heard, I wish they weren't cover tunes. It's fine to follow one's muse when making art, but when you take the stage, you need to be a crowd pleaser.

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10/13/2012 - Agora - Cleveland, OH

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