Todd's Cleveland Agora 10/13 Show

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I had the displeasure of being a paid member of Todd's 10/13 show at the Cleveland Agora. I've seen Todd since the early 80's over 25 times. Sorry but this show was horrible. First off, why does Todd assume that every fan he has is a liberal Democrat? I just like to hear good music from a talented artist who puts his heart into a show. Like Todd, I like to make a profit in my business. Unlike Todd these days, I deliver a quality product. I could care less about the political commentary if the performance was good but sadly it was not. 80 percent of any show for me is the sound. I don't know how else to say it but this was one of the worst sounding concerts I've ever been to. The song selection was anything but unpredictable. This was a hastily planned, under-rehearsed concert where Todd sat lazily on a stool and half-heartedly belted out many of his most familiar songs. Todd used to be a guy who made music for the art of it and made a lot of his money on his productions. His used to put a lot of attention into his performances. Some of the best concerts I have ever seen have been Todd Rundgren concerts. When is the last time Todd produced an album? Unfortunately, his primary source of income these days appears to be his incessant touring of the razor-thin budget shows where he charges hefty ticket prices. Todd used to be about quality all the way around. This show was complete crap and enough of the political pontificating.

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10/13/2012 - Agora - Cleveland, OH

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