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I had such a lovely time attending the two Agora Unpredictable shows that it never occurred to me there would be harsh reviews of the shows.

I'm wondering whether I attended the same shows as some of the reviewers?

To me, the shows were Big Fun: Todd's voice was sublime, the ensemble was spectacular (Jesse Gress, Kasim Sultan, Eddie Zyne), the choice of songs was delightful, Todd's banter was hilarious, and the fans had a great time.

I attended one of the two Unpredictable shows in Evanston, IL and watched the VOD Unpredictable show from New York, so I went into this expecting Lorne Green and Patches and politics. I went into this expecting the spontaneous fun of Todd entertaining a group of friends in an intimate setting. I went into this knowing that the seven hour drive from Chicago to Cleveland would be well worth every stiff muscle. And it most certainly was.

Yes, the speakers blew twice on Saturday, but we were treated to a spontaneous rendition of Drunken Blue Rooster and Michele tapdancing while we waited for the sound to come back. Moments like that are to be treasured, not criticized, in my opinion. Sure the Agora was a bit rough around the edges, but it was also a great place to soak up loads of history and memories.

Also, I really appreciate the special touches that made the weekend such a joy. The free fan party on Thursday was a blast, the cardboard cutouts were fabulous, the Party Bus was a wild ride, and so much more. I love Rundgren Radio events and I sincerely look forward to what's next. After all, There's Always More!

Shining Still, Jean Lachowicz

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10/13/2012 - Agora - Cleveland, OH

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