Review of Sat Oct 13 Agora show

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I had a very enjoyable evening.


1. Another well organized RR event. 
2. Lot's of opportunity to hang with old friends and meet new ones (TR fans Rock!). 
3. Historic venue. 
4. Todd in great voice. 
5. Some classic TR tunes played. 
6. A lot of TR banter. 
1. No TR lead guitar. Jesse is great but I LOVE Todd's leads. 
2. Pretty "laid back/low energy" show (they sat on stools most of the night). 
3. Too many (bizarre) cover tunes--I'd rather hear TR stuff. 
4. A lot of TR banter. 
Todd Rundgren
The Agora Theatre
Cleveland, OH
Saturday, October 13, 2012
01. ? 
02. Cliché 
03. One World 
04. 96 Tears (Question Mark & the Mysterians, 1966) 
05. I Don't Want to Tie You Down 
Todd moves to Keys 
06. Viking Song 
08. Too Far Gone 
Todd moves back to the bar stool 
09. Patches (Chairmen of the Board, 1970) 
10. LOTCM 
11. Endless Prairie (Lorne Greene) 
12. Played a recording of: I'm a Gun (Lorne Greene) 
13. Black and White 
14. You're So Vain Parody (written by TR before the show) 
15. ? country tune (used to set up a joke: "That's why we don't take requests!") 
Todd moves to Keys 
16. Past 
17. Hello It's Me (restarted because soundboard quit working) 
Todd moves back to the bar stool 
18. Pissin 
19. Lysistrata 
20. Born to Synthesize jam 
21. I Saw the Light

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