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I attended both nights 10/12 and 10/13 at the Agora in Cleveland. I have seen Todd/Utopia closing in on 200 times dating back to 1978, I never miss him and often travel to see concerts. I know what to expect and never complain. Todd can play whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned, I love it all. First of all Doug did a great job with decorations. The venue was loaded with cut out stand ups, pics and memorabilia. You really felt you were in the Todd family from the second you walked in. The Agora is an intimate place to see a show. I thought both shows were awesome. If you are a casual fan, this was not for you I guess but for the diehard fan it was fantastic. Todd was funny and talkative as usual, even through some sound problems. I enjoyed the new songs, Patches, Friday party and Your So Bain lol. One World, Determination, 96 Tears, I Don't Want To Tie You Down and It Wouldn't Have MAD, were my favorite numbers if I had to pick. I do miss Prairie Prince but the new dude did an adequate job on drums. Saturday was more energized than Friday but both were great. Todd is Todd and can't wait for more of course. Brian Kraig, Solon, Ohio

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10/13/2012 - Agora - Cleveland, OH

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