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The first 30 minutes were great followed by a sharp decline to the point of egotistical garbage. How many albums has this guy made?? So few that he covers a Lorene Greene song? Before he kicked off "Hello It's Me" he said let, "Let me get this over with." Statement exemplified the whole show. Played the historic Agora because of its history and how the place played a role in his career. He never mentioned a thing. Microphones die twice during the show, why not break into something unpredictable like an instrumental? The downward spiral continues. Hefty admission price for a 10 cent production. Sings an anti-Romney song, Todd supports the middle class. That is fine, in fact the song was enjoyable. The same guy is selling t-shirts for $35.

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10/12/2012 - Agora - Cleveland, OH

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