Ringo Starr's All Star Band July 14th Show

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I went to this show and it was simply amazing. The effortless flow from 7 of the most talented musicians in the world was evident here. The respect they have for each other was very obvious. They each took their turns playing a song, and then graciously passed the mic to the next person, nobody tried to up show the other. Todd sang "I saw the light" which was done perfectly, he could probably sing it backwards with his eyes closed! It was a treat that he also played the Utopia song "Love is the Answer", one of my biggest fav songs, he can still hit the high notes and it sent chills up my spine. They also did "Bang the Drum", which was a lot of fun. Greg Rollie from Santana was excellent, Steve Lukather amazing guitar player and Mark Rivera, what a class act, a perfect horn player who was absolutely DRIPPING WITH TALENT! Richard Page from Mister Mister, had an amazing voice, it really echos, and sounds like no other. He sang "Kyrie" and a new original tune of his. It was a warm summer evening at a winery, just a perfect venue. And for 72 years old, Ringo looks incredible! He was very charming and interacted with the audience. You can feel the friendship these guys all have for eachother, and they all expressed how grateful they are to Ringo for having them. They did not come back for an encore, which was a bit disappointing, but hey they can do what they want, they have earned it. It was a big night for me to get to see Todd, I have been on a "Todd" high ever since, I always am but was a bit higher for a few days. If you can make the show, you will love it!

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7/14/2012 - St Michelle Winery - Seattle, WA

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