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Went to the concert last night at Ceasars. The show was really good. Sat in back where the sound was great. The set list was about the same songs but Todd mixed it up and sung I saw the light first, Bang second and Hello last. All the songs he did he sang straight up, just as it should be. It looked as though all the STARS were having a GREAT time. At one point Page and Todd were back to back pushing against each other, really funny. Each of the STARS were very complementery of each other. I guess the thing that I came away with was who else in the world could put this group together and get them to keep their egos in check? Each of these guys are STARS and I kept saying to my self whos the best of the evening? Then it came to me. they were all the best. Who wouldn't sound good with Todd and Page singing harmonies? The Rollie songs were the closest to the originals and the Toto guys are probally the best musicians Ringo has ever had in any of his bands. Go see this show if you get a chance. Of course for me it was great to see Todd and just let it go for all these STARS. From one mans perspective Todd LOVES Ringo and Ringo LOVES Todd.

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6/23/2012 - Caesar's - Atlantic City, NJ

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