Coronado / Rockford, IL / 6.2.12

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Slept in (yeah!!!), ate, shopped, got ready for Saturday's concert. Can't believe that it's the last concert. How depressing BUT I'm very grateful that I was able to have the good fortune for a Fantastic week in Illinois which hasn't happened in awhile it seems. Of course it never seems to be enough, so "THANK YOU" everyone that put this all together to make this happen, especially Todd (of course), Doug & Mel, it was a "Dream Come True"!

I was able to get a ride to the concert from a fantastic couple from Michigan (this is now at least my 3rd fantastic couple I now know that lives in Michigan!) So nice! Listened to Todd music on the way and just enjoyed the moment. Once there, of course visited with a bunch of people, so good to see and visit with so many of my good Utopian friends, even if it was a few minutes, it meant the world to me!!! It doesn't matter how long it's been either, we will always have this common bond...forever.

Before we knew it the concert started! Todd was in a great mood just like last night and he was dancing all over the stage, it was so fun to watch and when a song needed background singers, Todd was easily able to count on the audience to chime in whenever needed. It was FANTASTIC! I LOVED the second show even more than the first! Couldn't wait to hear "We Gotta Get You A Women" again and again, of course "Waling Wall", "Hello It's Me" was excellent tonight also! Again, I LOVED all the songs Todd sang! It was magical... I would also like to "Thank" the wonderful person that gave the people in the front roses to give to Todd, I saw it last night and I thought it was such a thoughtful idea and then it happened again tonight! Thank you! It went fast as always and before I knew it I was back at the hotel, thinking about everything that just happened. Again, a dream come true!!!

Back at the hotel, ate, visited, went to my great friends from KC's room, had a fantastic time and glad I got to see them for awhile! Thank you to sis & Lisa for your help and support. Thanks again to Doug & Mel for the Rockford gigs. Thanks to Todd for letting me take pictures, the concerts and the happiness you give to me with your music and so many other people in this world. A Wizard A True Star! :)

Rock Love, Karen

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6/02/2012 - Coronado PAC - Rockford, IL

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