Todd setlist and review of Coronado PAC Rockford, IL 6/01/12

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Really great to see Todd with an orchestra. Rockford is about 90 minutes outside of Chicago, so I felt very lucky that this rare even happened so close to where I live. The orchestra worked really well and added a depth to most of the songs performed. Jesse played guitar and a drummer and bass player (not sure who they were) augmented the orchestra. These three were seated in front of the orchestra. The orchestra looked to be about 40 plus people. After a few songs, Todd mentioned that this was the same set they played in Holland. To the best of my recollection, here's the setlist:

- Flamingo: (just orchestra) This was a great version. It made me wish that the orchestra would have tried more of Todd's instrumentals.

- Property

- God Said

- Love of the Common Man: Todd had to restart this one about 3 times. I believe he forgot the lyrics. Pretty funny moment.

- Pretending to Care: probably the highlight for me. Todd sounded phenomenal.

- Hello It's Me

- The Smell of Money

- If I Have to be Alone: This song and the previous, not surprisingly, worked great with the orchestra.

- Onomatopoeia: Todd wore white gloves with the words of the song printed on them to help him remember the lyrics.

- Onomatopoeia (faster version)

- Bag Lady

- We Gotta Get You A Woman: Todd said this was only the 3rd time he has played this song. I'm assuming the other 2 would be the shows in Holland with the orchestra. Funny moment at the end: Todd apparently didn't realize this was the end of the first set and had to be reminded by the conductor.

Set 2

- Flamingo: This time with Todd on guitar (the first time he played guitar tonight). This version actually sounded out of synch. I don't think Todd and the orchestra were really together on this one.

- Mammon: Todd on guitar. Good version, but I did think the guitar did overpower the orchestra. I know this may be blasphemous, but I kind of wish he didn't pick up the guitar on this ONE occasion.

- Fascist Christ: Todd on guitar. Same comment as "Mammon".

- Can We Still Be Friends

- Wailing Wall: Second highlight for me.

- I Saw the Light

- We Gotta Get You A Woman: The lights went up but most of the crowd stayed and cheered for quite a while after "I Saw the Light". Todd and the conductor finally came out and said they didn't know anymore songs, so Todd said they would have to play one they already performed. Hence, "We Gotta Get You A Woman" for the second time.

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6/01/2012 - Coronado PAC - Rockford, IL

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