Coronado / Rockford, IL / 6.1.12

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Slept in, which I never get to do! Roamed around Rockford by myself which was wonderful, did all the things I never hardly do for myself, so relaxing in a very stressful world. Got back to the hotel, got ready, then got on the bus to the Coronado. Thank you Jill, Mel, & Doug for setting that up, it was wonderful not to have to drive there!

The Coronado was simply beautiful inside! It was amazing! Saw many people I knew except I was surprised that some Ohio people that I've known for many years weren't there this weekend, but believe me I know how that goes. My guess was that the concert was about 10 minutes late in starting. And all I have to say is OMG! OMG! OMG!!! It was truly AMAZING!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Before the concert started, my HOPE was "We Gotta Get You A Women" which I truly thought probably not, then to hear it TWICE at one concert was just INCREDIBLE!!! All the times I have heard that song I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get to see Todd do that on stage LIVE! WOW! Waling Wall was another INCREDIBLE song Todd did! ALL of the SONGS were INCREDIBLE!!! I could go on and on but they truly all were AMAZING! It was so cool to see Jesse on stage and the Orchestra was UNBELIEVEABLE! Todd with an ORCHESTRA - AMAZING! LOVED IT!!! (can you tell!) Watch some of the clips on you tube just to get a small idea what you missed. There was about a 20 minute intermission in the middle, then before you knew it, it was over, so fast! I just soaked it all in. Everyone I talked to thought it was AWESOME!

Got on the bus, back to the hotel, hadn't eaten since early in the day so went to Gerry's and got some Italian food. It was Excellent! Can't wait until Saturday's concert! Thanks Todd you were Fantastic! Loved the Tux too!

Rock Love, Karen

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6/01/2012 - Coronado PAC - Rockford, IL

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