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Wow!! What can one say!!??!! Have seen Mr Rundgren quite a few times since being a very young lad in 1976 (thanks to my older sister) and this show may have been the BEST of them all. Great to see him and co. in such a small intimate venue, maybe 200 people in the 1st of 2 sell-outs in my hometown - Evanston, Il. Heck, I even live like a block away from the venue: How cool is that?

The trio format really worked (no drums) with Todd, Jesse, & Kaz. Their occasional 3-part harmonies sounded great. (Didn't know Mr Gress was such an adept singer; AND he played some fantastic guitar all night!) The set list for this "Unpredictable Show" was amazing for this fan: I Don't Want to Tie You Down; Lysistrata; One World; Cliche; Black And White; Too Far Gone; The Wheel (w/Kaz only fumbling a bit in the very beginning of it); Soul Bro.; Past; Wouldn't have Made Any Difference; I Saw The Light and much more. Other highlights were the Gunsmoke Lorne Green - I Am A Gun; Patches, 96 Tears, and Blow Me. There was funny and interesting banter & ad libs throughout... The needing light/a lamp on the piano keyboard was hilarious, etc. The sound mix was good.

I had standing room by the soundboard and actually gave Todd a High-Five as the "backstage" door was out front and the band was led to the stage from the back of the room; quite a thrill as the closest I'll ever likely get to one of my heroes!! Even shouted within earshot of him "Thank You!," and meant this ever-so-sincerely for not only a THANKS for his fabulous career artistry, but for THIS show in particular which really had these men BRINGIN' IT; I'm talkin' heartfelt with energy, supremely entertaining.

(As a sidebar, a very kind person with backstage access got him to sign my Felix Cavaliere first solo record which he produced. For those not familiar with this it's an excellent album with great songs/production/performances - Bearsville 1974?)

Would have loved to have seen his Rockford Symphony shows a few days later but am lucky to see a Todd event once every 2-3 years and will cherish this concert for a lifetime...LOVED the Cabaret-Style format.

Way To Go Gentlemen !!! CHEERS !!!

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