SPACE / Evanston, IL / 5.29.12

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Well, driving to SPACE I thought started out good, had plenty of time and should only be an hour drive, right? Well, I got lost (following the directions) and ended up in Chicago not Evanston. The wonderful girl that answers the phone at SPACE helped me get to Evanston after I called her (3 times) to pull me out of the bad neighborhoods of Chicago. Then I circled the block several times still not being to find SPACE, little did I know that SPACE was attached to a pizza place! I stopped at a gas station and he explained everything to me. You could tell he has done it many times!

So, I pull in the first parking spot I saw and find out it's only part time parking (20 mins). So, I'm backing out of the spot and who do I see walking down the street towards me but Todd! I get out my little camera trying to take a picture and it doesn't work, I realize it doesn't have any damn film in the camera, yes I still use a film camera but I did get a digital camera last year and I don't like it at all. I'm like, what else could go wrong! I find a parking spot and walked into the place which had a restaurant to the left (pizza place type w/bar) with couches & tables, then SPACE was straight ahead where you wait in line, get your tickets etc.

SPACE was so cool!!! Loved it!!! Tables/chairs in the center, chairs next to the stage and on the sides of the building. I waited in line with two of my favorite people which made the time go by fast. Sat next to the stage on Jesse's side, small stage, yes it was crowded on the stage but they always make it work. It was great to see a piano on the stage and I had no idea what was going to be played even though I could see the set list because they skipped around and played of course whatever Todd decided. I would say it was a two hour set and my favorites were "I Don't Want To Tie You Down" and ALL the piano songs especially "Past"! Ok, the Blow Job song and the Cowboy songs, sorry not my favs.

Great seeing everyone at the show and I must say, out of all the shows I have seen over the many years, this was the FUNNIEST show I've ever seen Todd do!!! I laughed so hard! Also, Jesse did everything he could to help people see Todd play on stage, I don't believe I've ever seen anyone do that before! Todd, Kasim, Jesse were great as always, so glad they came to the Midwest! People at SPACE were kind and so helpful, it was a wonderful place to see Todd!

P.S. Got lost on the way home, not as bad though, gas station guy didn't know where I needed to go and had no map! Unbelievable!!!

Rock Love,


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5/29/2012 - Space - Evanston, IL

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