Todd Rundgren - The Canyon Club

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Todd Rundgren
The Canyon Club
Agoura Hills, CA
April 4, 2012

Another terrific evening at the Canyon Club which has been welcoming Todd annually for the past 5-6 years now. It is a fantastic venue to see him, especially when close up a few feet from the stage, which we were. Nothing is better.

Todd and the band were in very good spirits. Being fortunate enough to spend some time with Jesse, Prairie, Kasim, and John prior to the show, all are looking forward to wrapping the tour up Friday night in San Diego and heading home. But in a good way..!

Not too much to add to what has previously been said. The sound was good, crowd excellent, set-list fantastic (closed with 'Hello It's Me'), and overall, just another great evening with this artist who just keeps going and going....

Thanks to Roger for keeping the TRCONNECTION up and running. It is essential to all of us. Danny and Rachel, great kiosk...! Plenty of TR merchandise went out the door.

To my new acquaintances in Agoura Hills, especially Scott, thanks for a memorable evening. Your generosity was sincerely appreciated. On a side note, the longtime broadcaster, interviewer, Roy Firestone was at our table. Scott and he go back a number of years. He mentioned he did a 1 ½ hour interview with Todd a short time ago with video clips, etc. interspersed in the interview. It can be found very affordably on Worth checking out. I certainly will.....

Buona Fortuna to all..!!!!

Steve Di Giorgi
Santa Barbara, CA

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4/04/2012 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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