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After reading the three previous reviews of Todd's concert at The Canyon Club last night, I was left wondering if we had all seen the same show. Within two notes into Todd's first number, Real Man, it was clear that something was wrong with his voice. It was also hard to miss the fact that he was drinking a lot of water and coughing in the midst of songs throughout the night. To this die-hard fan who has seen him perform time and again since the 70s, his vocal constraints were disappointing. That said, I give him credit for making it through the night and not complaining about his throat problems. After the show, I read on one of Kasim's blogs that Todd had had a cold and throat problems last week. Apparently, his throat is still bothering him.

Vocals aside, the band was great as always and the sound was quite good. Having seem many shows at the Canyon Club, I never know what the sound will be like. Todd's set list was great... all the old favorites. I look forward to his next show at the Canyon Club and hopefully a healthier Todd.

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4/04/2012 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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