Tuesday, April 3rd - San Diego, Anthology

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Anthology has fantastic food, although, super pricey! and the sound system was really superb. But the layout of the tables and the building structure was very strange and a little uncomfortable. The feng shui was extremely messed up for this venue. The stage was raised up pretty high and had a lip overhang that faced inward, leaving me with no visual of his feet. I have to see his feet!

Todd's voice was still really rough with coughs and sneezes. Hawking was a struggle in my opinion and you could see the struggle straining with his voice throughout the night. Of course he delivered his usual hot and sexy shuffle dances in his cute blue tight pants. He really gave us 110% with all his efforts and sincerity to please the crowd. He mentioned early on in the set something to the effect of 'who typed up this setlist?' It appeared to be wrong and as the show continued, La La Means I Love You was omitted and i think it was completely by mistake.

Looking foward to another show at the Coach House tonight, hoping his voice has healed some.

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4/03/2012 - Anthology - San Diego, CA

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