Santa Fe 3/31/2012

Review by Gary Shirley (Switch to

Todd finally made it to New Mexico! And it was worth the wait!!!! Todd appeared at the beautifully restored Lensic Theater in Santa Fe. I saw this concert in San Juan Captistrano last July, but this time we were in the 5th row instead of the back.

Todd was in great voice although he listed about 5 drugs he was taking to allow him to perform. He made it all the way to Drive before the strain could be heard on his voice and that was the next to last song before the 2 song encore. The band was incredibly tight, Jesse, Kasem, Prairie & John are great musicians.

The house was packed, the crowd absolutely loved it and gave the band standing ovations after almost every song.

All in all a perfect night. I hope Todd remembers what a great audience we were and returns to The Land of Enchantment soon!

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3/31/2012 - Lensic PAC - Santa Fe, NM

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