la zona rosa

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self deprecating humor is one of the quickest ways to get the audience on your side.

tr's voice was shot......he spent the evening singing and blowing his nose on a towell and spitting and coughing and laughing about it. the dude was wounded.

between the coughing and blowing his nose he and the band bonded w the audience. after some of the songs the audience didn't just applaud - they roared approval. and tr pulled out his tricks and had members of the audience sing his songs while coaching them on how to emote. like during ohh baby baby you have to touch your head and your arms go like this. although the dude who did ooh baby baby was very good and knew all the words, the last audience member sang couldn't i just tell you - during the instrumental part kasim explained the kicks and the dude aced it.

at some point TR yelled "i've got the best fans in the whole world.....and everyone is jealous of me".

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3/28/2012 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX

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