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The greatest hits show:

Gruene Hall is a rustic texas dancehall w a capacity of 800 located 40 miles south of austin and 20 miles north of san antonio - a beautiful town where a cabin close to the venue costs $200/night.

My son and I went to the tr show even though tr was playing austin on 3/27 and in or close to austin - he figured it would be a strange experience and thought the audience would be small - however it was sold out....and it looked to me like it was over sold out.

since there are no dressing rooms the band had to mingle and walk past the audience - and since the place is a historical beer joint w wood floors, it's open all day.

we got there around 5pm. the place was already crowded w tourists visiting and drinking beer who didn't have a clue and the todd fans were starting to line up. meanwhile you could just walk in if you didn't mind losing your general admission standing room place.

shortly after arriviing the band started checking in and playing with the sound as tr was giving a radio interview in the lobby - afterwards he signed things and we took photos.

next came soundcheck which was very interesting. a lady from the stage asked the people hanging around to not take photos or vids during soundcheck - which turned out to be an announcement to take photos and vids.

the show: instead of tr playing whatever he wanted w a few hits it was the other way around. someone yelled out "hello it's me". so the running gag all night was he'd do the count off to Hello It's Me then play something else. he may do this schtick at every show but it was amusing.

tr's voice was as strong as i've ever heard it.

excellent show.

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3/23/2012 - Gruene Hall - New Braunfel's, TX

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