St. Louis 3/20/12

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What a show!

Ok, so I'm a gushing fan-boy. I've been following this amazing artist for right at 40 years now. And while I have seen a (very few) less than stellar concerts by our hero, this one was ON.

We had driven up from KC and got to the venue mere minutes before the show started. Rained nearly the entire drive, that in itself adds to the exhaustion level. Made going home even longer arriving at 4:15am.

But you know you're 'home' when a lovely fellow Todd fan greets you out front with a hug. We are a happy bunch...

My brother Chris took a bus up to get here early and managed to snag a great table right in front of the board. He's the best!

After greeting as many peeps as I recognized ahead of the start, I took a seat and hoped that this wouldn't be a poor tour starter.

(Not seen many of those, but my fear was it might not have been all that well rehearsed. Like, just count on the band right?)

Let me say this, this band is a fighting batch of Ninja warriors!!

From the opening strains of Real Man, all worries ceased and my smile never left. As for me? I really don't ever want to see a TR show without these wonderful men playing beside him again.

They're just amazing. A crack team of professionals. Eager. Pros.

(Well ok, maybe like TR can ALSO play with a really well-rehearsed orchestra. Bring Jesse tho!)

What a talented man Kasim is. As the band started up, I found myself being so relaxed knowing his vocals were right there....

Put them all together, Prarie/Jesse/Kasim/John...I've never seen him being able to count on a better band. They're the goods.

And then there's the man himself.

I really can't remember hearing him in better voice since seeing the first Awats show. And folks, I've seen a great many since that set. This one just flowed all night. Pure love vocals, really.

As Todd ages, his voice just becomes better. He never ceases to amaze me. Some shows are 70-80, even 90% killer. This one?

The full 110%, no kidding.

From a heartfelt full-on performance, to a truly fun bit of dancing/guitar prowess/band leadership (he had the guys turning on a dime all night. James Brown style)

All those extra, rock star moves that look phony on so many artists. Not our Todd. His dancing is a thing of joy. The 'kicks' for 'Couldn't I just tell you?' that we all look for. (You know, the very ones that we all know Kasim coached back out of mothballs)

Extra jumps, cooler song endings, revving it up. All night.

At one point, my sweetie said 'No intermission, really?' and I said that I truly hoped not. No-one wanted the energy to stop!

One of the best rounded sets I've ever seen. A top ten concert lifetime, and a top 5 ever Todd set. Really it was, for me anyway.

Yes, I'm a gushing fan. I love the guy. He makes my heart feel better each and every time I'm lucky enough to see a Todd concert of any kind.

Every show takes me to a good place.

After the show wrapped up, the crowd pleaded for a 2nd encore. I truly cannot imagine where he would have found the energy to come back out and sing another number. Even if he wanted to.

That's how much he put out for St. Louis last night.

Thank you, Liars band. You guys are the stuff. Don't ever quit!

And thank YOU, Todd. For a truly stellar show.

It's not hard to be a fan. You make it a real pleasure Sir!

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