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Okay, just thought it was my time to weigh in, not that it counts for anything. Became a Todd fan in 81 and first saw a show in 82. Have seen well over 60 since. I saw a lot of acoustic/piano Todd shows and always yearned for the guitar god Todd, which I've enjoyed these past many years. Yesterday's webcast took me back to the early days. I enjoyed seeing Todd play keyboards and the hits with a band around him. After seeing this, I wouldn't mind seeing a Todd ballad show with him on keys and just a few guitar songs thrown in. I don't mind the banter, whether it's political or not, whether I agree with him or not. He just fun to listen to. I don't even mind the covers, I just love seeing Todd perform. (would prefer more of his songs, however,) Liked seeing Past done on piano and determination was great. I've never heard cliche performed on electric with a band.

Now, the bad, imho. Can't stand the stool. I know Todd's not a kid anymore but I'm just not used to it. I think it takes away energy from the show. (didn't like it last summer) Can't play the solos anymore? We know you can, why not on this tour? Age? Is my god a human after all? I would also get rid of Born to Synthesize. Loved it during A Capella and the other version but it's too many times now.

Anyway, I'll see you in CT with Ringo.

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