3/7/2012 Unpredictable - City Winery

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After attending all four "unpredictable" nights at City Winery, I was just going to send in a one word review......"WHEW".

But I can't just send in one word. Wednesday's final show was a great way to cap off a great run in NYC.

Let's start backwards, after the encores I ran outta there to catch a train home. As I'm standing outside the venue hailing a cab, I just watched everyone leave with ear to ear smiles, and I overheard things like "that was so great", "awesome", "so glad I came", etc. I didn't recognize these people so they weren't the diehard fans I know and love, and that's what made it even cooler.

Now comments on the show, .....

Another great seat, another great time, great table of friends.

WEBCAST recording very unobtrusive, hardly knew they were there. The set list was mixed up from the other nights but only one song not played on the other 3, "There goes my Inspiration" with Kasim and Todd both singing. I don't want to give too much detail for the folks that weren't there and are purchasing VOD (WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD DO), but it was tons of fun and great versions, great Todd voice, great Todd mood, great Todd banter...As said previously, he really seemed to enjoy these shows. Had fun with "Wednesday, Wednesday" at the beginning...

Ending the set with "Determination" was really good. OK no more spoilers.

One thing I want to comment on is Kasim's playing. I saw my first Utopia show at age 16 in 1979, and have been going to see TR regularly since -- lost count. I grew up idolizing these guys, and Todd was and is a constant source of awe. I think we've all gotten a little distracted with the TR Utopia Reunion and impressed that John Siegler can still play, but it dawned on me during the last "Best of Tour" just how much I got to see Kasim master his craft.,...and it's been a real treat to see him go from a good bass player to a great bass player. I meant to post something after the last tour saying how impressive and on he was during "I want you", but as I noticed again how great he really has gotten during these shows, and especially the last night, I'm glad to have gotten to witness the progression.

Of course Jessie and Greg Bendian were great as well...Jessie hit his queue at the end of "endless prairie" again.


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3/07/2012 - City Winery - New York City, NY

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