TR & the Unpredictables 3-2-12 NYC

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Pressed for time here but I want say last night some one woman who was sitting at the table I had a tickett for ( let my friend Brian sit there) was an loud obnoxious drunk who was yelling at Todd "I came to hear music " and "Play music " over and over while Todd was cracking jokes about Romney and Gingrich - finally she got up and left wich gave me the chance to get out of the corner and go sit with my friend. We had a saet left over and I offered it to Mary Lou Todds tour manager and I got her a few drinks and we talked about Todd and Jesse and I was loving this chance to hang with Mary Lou. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !!! Helow its me sounded like the record and I.W.H.M.A.D. Friday Song was fun ,Cliche' great, didnt want to bother mary Lou for back stage - just wanted it to be pure hanging out with her and not turn into a barder for back stage and that my friend was such a good feeling.
rebbeca blacks "friday".

lysistrata thee weekend i dont want to tie you downwasrebbeca blacks "friday". black and white cliche 96 tears compassion ( jesse on guitar) to far gone it wouldnt have made any difference endless love lorne green im a gun Determination (guitar) Born to synth (jazz verson) seaque Touch me (the doors) Jetson Bosa Nova; I Saw The Light love of the common man

encore 1 Hello its me piano encore 2 the wheel encore 3 Past on piano encore 4 Reprise of "FRIDAY feeling great

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3/02/2012 - City Winery - New York City, NY

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