Unpredictable City Winery NYC show 3 3/2/2012

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Third time is a charm, except first and second were great as well.How much fun are we allowed to have.

Todds voice was great as it has been for all 3 shows so far. Setlist mixed up a bit from the other two nights.

Opened with Friday - Rebecca Black's song - and everyone had a blast.

Lysistrata and IDWTTYD both getting a little predictable but still great, as was cliche (meaning all were played all 3 nights but in different order in show). His voice is spot on for those.

96 tears was back tonight and lots of fun.

He played 4 in a row on Piano and song of the Viking was flawless and fast. At one point a woman yelled out "came to hear music not talk about politics" and the faithful all let out a gasp.......but he said OK and jumped right into a song. whew could've been ugly.

Then Lorne Green segment and Jessie finally hit the pedal in time at the end of the prairie song and I for one was very proud. Some truly unpredictable moments - Determination, Touch me (doors), and the true something/anything version of "hello it's me" as the first encore with count off and everything - really really nice and true to original - this version is very unpredictable. As were 4 encores- HIM, The Wheel, Past and Friday reprise..

Extra special show because many Rundgren Radio Out of towners and out of country folks flew in for this one. It was a family evening. Lots of love, dancing, hugging, singing and anticipation for the Rockville shows. Doug and Mel are ready to do it again.....

Taking a few days off then catching the last of these on Wednesday - remember that one is being recorded for VOD.......if you missed any of these, watch it that way.

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3/02/2012 - City Winery - New York City, NY

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