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Well, he could have done with some practicing! I don't understand why he didn't take a couple of minutes at the sound check and run through the chords of the songs that he's not totally sure he remembers, he even fucked up "Hello It's Me". Ok, there's a few tricky chords in his songs but it's like McCartney forgetting the chords to "Yesterday" and since this was his fourth gig of this mini Scandinavian tour there's really no excuse... There were mistakes in more than 50 % of the songs, even those he played on guitar. I would have preferred an acoustic guitar, but I guess it's more convenient to travel with an electric and an Ipad. He never missed any lyrics though (as far as I could hear) and the audience was extremely forgiving, singing along and clapping and cheering. Then there's the issue of his voice. All singers, more or less, loose height when they get older and the only solution is to lower the key. Now some of Todd's guitar songs were made to be played in the key they were composed and aren't easily transposed to another key so there's a problem. I couldn't tell if he played the piano songs in their original keys (I'm not equipped with a perfect pitch) but it's generally easier to transpose songs on the piano. The songs on guitar that had more of an open chord sound, "One World" and "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away", sounded much better. "Beloved Infidel" was the strongest performance IMHO.

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2/23/2012 - Sodra Teatern - Stockholm, Sweden

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