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Todd ripped thru the set Sat. night on guitars, in philly,playing the most difficult music, and making it look easy.I was amazed at the levels of talent together ,playing some timeless materials,way ahead of any time, from Todd and friends.There is a pay per view of this show, which is amazing ,very well done thru if you did not get to go ,or want a close up replay.It seemed like Todd did not enjoy being back in his hometown,usually he will refer to something here,I would like Hawaii better myself,I am sure he was beat from these tours and the loss of legendary friend Moogy Klingman.The show was amazing,I was spellbound by the music,small complaint about the mix,strong sound but vocals were not a good mix,very hard to understand the lyrics,I knew the lyrics, but I took a new fan who could not understand the lyrics,but did love the sounds,and mood.Todd thanks again for the honor, for one more victory, watching you bring all you got ,every time on tour,you are a true star,always a huge fan.

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11/19/2011 - Tower Theater - Upper Darby, PA

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