Peekskill NY 11/18/11

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On the 18th of November 2011 Utopia Occupied Peekskill, NY. An enthusiastic crowd was greeted by an equally enthusiastic band. Each member of the band was outfitted in progressive rock band period costume. The song sets mixed tracks from the Todd Rundgren's Utopia and Another Live recordings. Opening with "Utopia" the band thereafter rendered stirring versions of "Freak Parade", "Heavy Metal Kids", "Another Life", "Something's Coming", "The Seven Rays", "Do Ya", "The Wheel", "The Ikon", "Freedom Fighters" and "Just One Victory". If "Mr. Triscuits" was included in the mix, it escaped my ear. I have seen Todd and/or Utopia live on many occasions beginning in 1980. I have to admit that this Utopia lineup consisting of six individuals playing together was outstanding to listen to. It was hard to tell that it had been 35 years since four of the band's original members had played this music together. Todd's guitar work was pleasing to watch and hear. A number of the songs featured him playing a replica of the famous Psychedelic Fool SG that he once owned. If you weren't there to see this show in person, I highly recommend that you purchase the VOD webcast available online from Nevessa Production. The video and sound are high quality and the price is reasonable. If we get lucky, someone will have the good sense to release the webcast as a DVD. I'm also glad that I caught the webcast of the band's performance with Moogy Klingman earlier in 2011. RIP Moogy.

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11/18/2011 - Paramount Center - Peekskill, NY

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