Bergen Pac review 11/16/11

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I didn't know. When the curtain rose ,he was not there and I thought he must not be well enough to make the NY area shows either. The band sounded fantastic, seeing Siegler play the Bass riff from Freak Parade was priceless. Todd's voice and guitar playing was right on but as the show went on, I noticed something different in Todd, he did not seem like he was enjoying himself, lots of standing in the same spot head down, playing the guitar, the music they are playing is not easy....but...something is not right..

The show is done, they come out to do JOV and Todd walks to the mike without his guitar and I'm thinking... oh sh*t...he's gonna tell us that Moogy passed away, and he did.

Rest in peace Moogy.

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11/16/2011 - Bergen Performing Arts Center - Engelwood, NJ

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