Rundgren's Utopia Rocks Wilbur Theater

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Sorry to hear some of you were less than impressed/confused/angry about the musical selections from this tour. If it's any consolation, the band flat-out blistered through the (well advertised) eleven songs in Boston last night. I was at the "all request" show in Salisbury Beach (Mass) two months ago, when Todd fought through a lingering cold/flu on the last night of the tour. His voice last night was simply remarkable...His guitar playing virtuoso...His spirits were high, as were several members of the audience. I don't believe a soul in the Wilbur was waiting for "Love of the Common Man", "Bang the Drum", "Hello, It's Me"... Boston music fans, like their sports counterparts, are very knowledgeable...The bombastic and beautiful Ikon was trimmed from 30 plus to a svelte twenty-six minutes...I learned this past week that the edited part just prior to the coda is called "The Hoedown"...Frankly, I missed The Hoedown, but I understand why it was cut...Perhaps they sensed many of us would wet ourselves if they pulled the entire piece off... I feel very fortunate that my dream job (full time bartender/part time substitute teacher) has given me the opportunity to attend Todd's performances of "A Wizard/A True Star (Akron 2009) and "Todd"& "Healing" (Boston 2011)... Maybe the next album concert should be for the 40th anniversary of "Something/Anything?", so that some of the previous reviewers could hear some of their favorites...I, for one, would just like him to bring down the house with "Slut" just one more time.

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11/15/2011 - Wilbur Theater - Boston, MA

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