Wilbur Theater Boston show 11/15

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After reading some not so glowing reviews from the early dates in Florida I can honestly say that since the tour began in Florida we should probably attribute the slow start to the band just finding it's groove again. That being said I can truly say last night's show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston was just what I expected. They were definitely "in the groove" !! Todd and the rest of the band all looked great...the atmosphere had the feel of the mid 70's and definitely brought my mind back to those days of such great music everywhere and the feeling that I couldn't wait for Todd to come to town. The musicianship was outstanding...the tempo changes and the musical intricacies of these two great Utopia albums were carried out perfectly. Todd's voice sounded as rock solid as always. They were tight..everyone was in synch and enjoying themselves. The crowd was VERY enthusiastic as always (Todd knows he is well loved in Boston)..I forgot how great a song "The Seven Rays " was when done live and it once again reminded me how much I love Todd in all his variations over all these years since I bought "Something/ Anything in " in 1972. Keep bringing it Todd....you are truly one of the most talented and creative musicians over the last 50 years. One more question...how soon can you come back to Boston???

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11/15/2011 - Wilbur Theater - Boston, MA

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