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Just took a look to see what people had written about the show I saw last Sunday at Westbury. I was shocked to see only 1 review there, so I thought I should weigh in.

I really thought this was great, and my overwhelming feeling was that this music needed to be played again. I saw this original Utopia 3 or 4 times back in the day before Willie Wilcox and Kasim came on board. This is awesome music from heady times.

Certainly, these guys are not a working unit anymore, so the tightness may not have been what once was, but don't forget that this was very challenging material for rock audiences and rock musicians at a time when Prog rock and Mahavishnu/RTF fusion was in vogue. As a fellow bassist, I loved hearing John Siegler again. Great foundation and great ideas. I'd much rather hear Todd doing this, than a by the numbers version of I Saw the Light. I was also impressed by how well he covered most of his old vocal parts.

Happy I went.

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11/13/2011 - Theater @ Westbury - Westbury, NY

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