Review of Todd Show in Arkon 11/12/11

Review by Sammy B. (Switch to

I have been a Todd fan for nearly 30 years and seem him in concert around 25 times. This concert was a disappointment for me.

The Positives: The crowd was fantastic and I thought the band was putting their heart into it.

The Negatives: The sound (as I've found with many of Todd's shows in the last 10 years) was horrible. To me, great sound at a concert is 50 percent of the deal. I often wondered why Todd's sound is so bad live. I talked to one of the crew that has toured with Todd for awhile and he told me that in order to save costs, many times Todd simply plugs into the House system and relies on the House mix. I understand that it saves money by travelling lighter but it really results in a crappy listener experience. The other negative is that Todd (by his own admission) spends little time rehearsing before he goes on tour. Both of these habits of Todd aggravate me and I think in the long run he's sabotaging himself by doing things on the cheap.

Please Todd for the sake of your fans, many of which have been with you for a long time, please travel with real equipment and an experienced sound guy and rehearse a little more before going on the road.

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