Todd Rundgren's Utopia at the Akron Civic Theater

Review by Phil D'Angelo (Switch to

Favorite moment: the whole thing, The Ikon

Setlist: Utopia theme, Another Life, The Ikon, Something's Coming from West Side Story, 7 Rays, Do Ya', Just One victory AND MORE

Opening act(s): none needed

Posted 11/17/2011 by arkanjul

This Fan's Location: Cleveland heights, Ohio

Todd Rundgren and his old time band mates got back together to re-create , the music, the vibe, the energy of what they once played to stadiums full of pfans in the 70s. The soaring Instrumentals and solos were a Utopian trademark and had us sighing "Wow" then as it still does now. The fact that this was a "one of a kind show" featuring the music of two albums "Tod Rundgren's Utopia" and "Another Live" was no secret. We had fans from as far away as St. Louis and beyond in the bliss of many great musical momentS all on another level as we left the Theater. . It looked like a full house as the lights went down and still seemed like a full house when the fans screamed for an encore. Everyone I saw was dressed in regalia dating to that period and this added to the collective fun. My hats off to the promoters, Rundgren radio for bringing this east Coast only tour, to the midwest. fans were there from everywhere, sharing that Utopian feeling that NEVER left us .


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