Akron 11-12-2011 review

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Todd Rundgren's Utopia lived up to our expectations and surpassed them -- even after a five hour trip from Indianapolis. Seeing/hearing this version of Utopia play together was a treat -- it was a live concert -- so there were some miscues here and there, nothing major. But to get the opportunity of hearing "Utopia Theme", "Freak Parade", "Do Ya", a 26 minute "The Ikon" and more...was well worth the drive and effort to see the show. Not sure of the point of the arse-less chaps, but what they heck they had cool patterns on them....psychedelia rules!

Todd's vocals (at least in the balcony) sounded muffled -- a similar trait to other shows based upon reviews. John Siegler seemed to be enjoying playing and often looked to be keeping Kevin Ellman on task and beat. The theater was a very cool "atmospheric theater" where clouds moved across the ceiling and stars twinkled; side walls and proscenium were a Moorish design -- see the photos. Great place to see a show.

One keen observation -- us Todd fans sure are getting grayer! Rock On Todd.

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