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I attended the show to see Todd on stage again after missing the last tour...I like so many others must go long distances to see him and I was happy to to make the journey. I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed with the show.

The sound was horrible. Todd was in great voice, but the mix was so poor that you could not distinguish his guitar parts or hear a balanced sound mixed for the group as a whole. The musicianship of the band was just sub-par and the presentation was marred by such an obvious lack confidence among them...if you're not ready to put on a great show...why go out there? I find it strange that such weakness is apparent in Todd's show and you would think such professional touring musicians would never fall to such a low standard of having to actually stop a song in mid-performance and re-start to play it. Why is this acceptable...is it just because it's Todd and whatever happens is ok?

Pointing out flaws in Todd's shows seems to be an affront to Todd where his fans feel such critiques are attacks...should we hold other artists to the same standards and accept so many "hit or miss" performances as the norm? I am a fan but I do enjoy other artists and am not accustomed to witnessing train wrecks when hopefully the artist has had the time and budget to tour with a state of the art production crew and a top flight band...why is Todd in such a hurry...slow down and get ready. You know, he has never once run any of his ideas by me and has never asked my opinion...this forum gives us a voice to preach our own gospel ...I can't presume to tell Todd Rundgren how to better manage his business. I can voice my concerns over why he would rush into this latest project with a band that is either under rehearsed or not qualified--why he continues to have poor audio...there are musicians out there that could nail this material and sound production companies that could mix him...in my opinion, Todd needs to work with such folk.

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11/10/2011 - Carolina Theatre - Durham, NC

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